Marriage Course

This informative and beneficial marriage course combines my knowledge and experience as a marriage counsellor that I have learnt engaging with thousands of couples for over 20 years. My holistic approach to relationships includes a blended approach of spiritual, cultural and behavioural knowledge. The course includes my comprehensive notes filled with tips and guidance towards a healthy and thriving marriage. I offer this course for at least 1 hour at my Sydney based office and online via social media apps. This course can be a game-changer to any marriage and makes an ideal gift for couples about to get married or those already married and are struggling to maintain a healthy marriage.

What does the course include?

  Learn the 5 Cs to a healthy marriage

  What the major contributors to divorce are

  The benefits and objectives of marriage

  How our expectations of marriage before marriage impact marriage

  Learn about each other’s vision and expectations through the Questionnaire that includes 250 questions

  The role of expectations, family interference and cultural differences

  Why it’s so important to learn about each other’s any past traumatic experiences and how this may well show up in the marriage if it hasn’t been treated 

  Discover the personality of your partner and their preferences in how they prefer to be treated and how they prefer to do things

Gain an understanding of your partner’s core needs that drive them and that if not satisfied can lead to disappointment, resentment and frustration.

  Find out about your partner’s core values through a quick assessment

  You will learn about each other’s rights as defined by Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) 

  Allah says that the male is not like the female.  Discover how to treat your partner in accordance with their gender type in order to maintain a stable and successful marriage

  Learn what the number one need is for a husband and wife

  What are the major complaints from husbands and wives?

  Find out about issues related to marital intimacy and discover some of the common problems and complaints related to it.

  What are some of the most important acts of love that lead to a long-lasting marriage?

  What are the worse behaviours and signs that lead to a dysfunctional marriage or even divorce?

  Discover the most important behaviours that makes you and your spouse feel loved and cherished

  Learn what the master spouses verses the disaster spouses are doing to their marriage. Be amazed by the ratio of positive to negative behaviours needed that lead to your spouse being in a good mood and relaxed state towards you.

  Romance Tips

  Conflict resolution steps and how to divorce-proof your marriage with the help of Allah.

  Discover the four Rs that significantly reduce marital stress and disconnection.

  Emotional intelligence and anger management tips.

Don’t make your marriage or a loved one’s marriage part of the divorce statistics.

Course Features:

 Office/Online Appointments

 Experienced & Authorised

 Multiple languages availability

 Course available for couples & individuals

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“We were blessed to find Bilal who was able to marry us with such short notice. As soon as we met with Bilal we were confident that everything would work out. Bilal tailored a ceremony to suit us that was professional, heart felt and humorous, exactly what we wanted. We can’t thank you enough for guiding us through the paperwork and your calming caring influence at a very stressful time.” ~ Many thanks Adam and Faten

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