Marriage Course

The Marriage Survival Course can be taken through one-on–one sessions at my office or through the means of social media such as skype or webinars. This course is also run on a regular basis throughout Australia at different universities and various Islamic organisations.

What does the course cover?

Module 1 – Spouse Selection

This covers critical points on how to marry the right person and not end up marrying the wrong person. It explores the fundamental qualities that should be taken into consideration when choosing your other half.

Module 2 – The Serious Stuff

This covers Rules and Regulations Related to Marriage and the Contract and also answers the following questions:
• When does marriage become obligatory, when is it prohibited to get married, when is it desirable and when is undesirable?
• What are the Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Marriage
• What are the essential components of a marriage contract?
• Who can and who can’t be a Wali?
• What is Mahr? When is it payable? Is there an upper or lower limit?
• Who can and can’t witness a marriage contract?
• What conditions may be added to a marriage contract?
• What are the requirements of a civil marriage contract?
• What are the Islamic manners related to the wedding feast (Waleemah) and to marital intimacy?

Module 3 – Marriage Do’s and Don’ts

In this module you will learn about the Husband’s duties toward his wife and the wife’s duties towards her husband as outlined in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Module 4 – Battle of the Sexes

In this module, students will discover the 6 human needs that influence our thoughts and actions:
• They will discover truths about men and women; Thoughts, Attitudes, Skills that are gender specific.
• They will Learn insights about how men and women are different – Not better or worse. Different.
• In this module I reveal the fundamental needs of a man and the fundamental needs of a woman.
• Here I also reveal the secret to falling in love and staying in love.

Module 5 – Before you say the ‘D’ word

In other words, before you say or ask for DIVORCE.
In this module students learn about how to resolve disagreements in accordance with the teachings of Islam and where to go to get help when its becomes challenging to diffuse a situation.

Module 6 – The Languages of Love

In this module about the Importance of Love and how men and women define love. They will also be introduced to the foundations and main ingredients for an outstanding and happy marriage based on study, research and analysis.

Don’t miss out!

Don’t make your marriage or a loved one’s marriage part of the divorce statistics.

Make sure you do your marriage or someone you know a favour and register for the Marriage Survival Course in the section below.

Course Features:

 Office/Online Appointments

 Experienced & Authorised

 Multiple languages availability

 Course available for couples & individuals

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“We were blessed to find Bilal who was able to marry us with such short notice. As soon as we met with Bilal we were confident that everything would work out. Bilal tailored a ceremony to suit us that was professional, heart felt and humorous, exactly what we wanted. We can’t thank you enough for guiding us through the paperwork and your calming caring influence at a very stressful time.” ~ Many thanks Adam and Faten

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