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Muslim Marriage Expert

Muslim Marriage Expert

Muslim Marriage Expert

Marriage Ceremony

Book an Islamic or civil marriage at our office reception, at your venue or even an online marriage.

Counselling Services

Book an office, phone, or online counselling session for faith based guidance, incorporating proven mental and behavioural strategies

Marriage Course

Register yourself and your spouse or fiancé for this course about the essentials for a healthy

Get your FREE marriage guide

5 Signs Your Marriage Has Problems

Why is this guide a must have?

Many couples are oblivious to signs that their marriage may have problems. Generally it is because they have conditioned themselves to the day-to-day routine or simply lack the knowledge and skills to see potential problems.

Do you really know whether you are in a healthy relationship?

Find out if your relationship is sailing smoothly or is headed for the rocks and learn what it takes to navigate it back on track.

Online Muslim Marriage Course

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Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Islamic and Civil Marriages.

We make sure your marriage
is correctly and legally solemnized.

Services We Offer:

More Services We Cover

Register for the “Pre-Marriage Course” filled with the secrets to a healthy marriage.
Register to learn how to read “Quran”, or join him for “Umrah”.

Reviews & Testimonials

Kamal and Walat
Married at Darling Habour
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We had the pleasure of having Bilal Dannoun conduct our Islamic and civil marriage ceremony. Bilal’s experience and knowledge of marriage ceremonies is obvious and comforting
Ali and Amina
Married at Dee Why
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A big Jazakallahukhayrun for such a beautiful wedding day. We really appreciated all the help you gave us before the day and on the day

Umrah with Bilal Dannoun

Visit the holy cities, Makkah and Madinah,
for a unforgettable and uplifting experience.

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